Friday, August 28, 2009

Ben and Nilza's Wedding

It's been a while ago, but I took some pics of Ben and Nilza's wedding day. Nilza contacted me WAY in advance to take pictures for her, b/c she liked my style. Ben and I worked at Club Video a few years back...I won't give the exact amount of years ago b/c it makes me sound a little old. haha! They are such a cute couple and you can tell how much they REALLY love each other-made taking their photos super easy!! Thanks for choosing me guys, I had a blast on your wedding day!

Diane's Kiddos

I had a fun time taking pics of Diane's kids. Her daughter and Quenton were in the same pre-school class last year. They are such sweet children and listen to direction quite well! They were naturals and so beautiful!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Toby's Kiddos

Toby and I go way back to the Miss Sherry's Dance days, so when she asked me to take pics of her little ones I was more than happy to! Meet the Moore kids! Her oldest is the "motherly" type, her middle one is so funny and crazy (just like Q), and the baby is the sweetest little thing ever! When you mix all the personalities together you get one fun photo shoot!! I had a great time, and can't wait to take more pictures of this fam!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Funkadelic Disco Party

I can't believe it, but Brooklynn had her ninth birthday party this past weekend. It just doesn't seem possible, that she is already NINE! AHHH!! We celebrated with a disco skating party and it was totally groovy! She had a great turnout of friends, that showed up dressed and ready to disco. I rarely saw her without a huge smile on her face, and that made it all worth it to me. I just love her too death!

If you're reading this, and you came to the party let me know and I will send you the link to download her party pics. I took a bunch of individual pics, of course. :)

Quenton is 4!

Recently I took some 4 year photos of Quenton. I just love that when people ask him how old he is he states, "I'm fur"! Eric and I get complimented all the time on how sweet and cute he is. While motherhood is sometimes trying, I really do love everything about both of them. So, here is a few pics to view of him in his "work" shirt. :)