Friday, October 30, 2009

Baby Bryant

Isn't he super cute!??

He looks so content...awwww!

Love pictures of hands. :)

The happy family!

I took some pictures of Baby Bryant and his mommy (Elisa) and daddy (Victor). I love taking pics of babies.... it makes my whole day! Bryant is soooo sweet and has two parents that love him so much. What more could you ask for?

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Kresleigh goes Broadway

Sneak peek! This isn't the final, they have to do some corrections

I have exciting news!! Recently I took pictures for Kresleigh to use for her upcoming c.d.! We had so much fun taking these pics, and she is such a beautiful girl. Speaking of how beautiful she is, you have to hear a little story about how this c.d. came about.

Kresleigh decided to record this c.d. so that 50% of the proceeds would help benefit A Day for Shay and Pals, an organization that helps autistic children seek the therapy that they need. While taking her photos Cristal (Kresleigh's mom and good friend of ours) educated me a little, and told me that the medical needs/therapy that autistic children require are not paid for by insurance. A lot of parents of autistic children give up so much to care for them, so much in fact, that many of them even give up their homes.

As a mother of two healthy children I know that we are very fortunate. I am pained that some parents have to choose to give up their home, or do without medical treatment. So, I have so much admiration for Kresleigh, and that at such a young age she understands how important this is.
The official release date should be within a few weeks, so please get ahold of me on how to order one. As soon as I get more details I will be sure to post them! :)

Friday, October 23, 2009

New Look

Just wanted to switch some stuff around on my blog. My creative juices were full force tonight and I got this big idea to change the header. Don't ask me where the design came from....I fired up my photoshop and got busy. I am not sure anyone really follows me, but let me know if you like it. :) I'll be back soon with LOTS of pics. I have been slacking....don't hate.

P.S. If anyone could please tell me how to make those little circles, easier in Photoshop, I would highly appreciate it. I made each one of those stupid things with the elliptical tool. I was a bit frustrated.