Monday, September 7, 2009

Brook's Nine Year Pics

This picture reminds me of "My So Called Life"

Cute as always!

Walking carefully!

The area on the other side of this fence made Brooklynn say, "That looks like a place kids get kidnapped!" Stranger danger at our house. LOL!

Okay, so I might just a teenzy bit go over board with taking photos of my kids....just a little. Really, though they're my all time favorite subjects to shoot. Mainly because I can bark orders at them and not feel bad about it. LOL!

Brooklynn and I had the best time taking these photos. I tried to let her personality shine and let her do her own thing. I think they turned out quite well. She might shoot me when she gets older for letting her where the outfit, but she picked it out. :)


michelle said...

LOVE them! These are great photos. Brooklyn looks so grown up! You must be freaking out (a little)...

Jessica Hughes said...

Yes...she does look grown up. I am freaking out-not as much as Eric though. :)

KendraJane said...

You are EXTREMELY talented!!! I wish I lived closer, I'd definitely want you to take pictures of Miss Priss for me! :)

Jessica Hughes said...

Thank you Kendra! Miss Priss is a cutie pie! I would love to take pics of her. Maybe if you're ever in town you can give me a call, or message. :)