Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Soul Mates?

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An oldie, but goodie

If you have watched the episode of Sex and the City where Charlotte proposes that the group of them are soul mates, then you know what I am getting at in this post. I understand that soul mates usually indicates a love so strong between a man and a woman, but I think friends can be soul mates too! I have a bunch of friends that I cherish and am so happy that each and every one of them are in my life, but I have two friends that monopolize the meaning of friendship.

Our friendship has outlast relationships, living arrangements, turmoil, and just the everyday aspects of life. We all three have completely opposite personalities, but when they come together we unite perfectly! Amanda is the funny one, Kacie is the responsible one, and I am just the quirky one in the middle.

A little history behind the three of us begins with Amanda and me. Amanda and I took dance from Sherry's Dance Center when we were toddlers. We really became friends later in elementary school and from then on we have stuck together. Kacie moved to Neosho from Camdenton when we were in junior high school. Now if anyone has moved to a new school, then you know junior high can be a brutal time to make friends. We had mutual friends, but didn't have the quality of friendship that we have now. Later in high school we started hanging out more and the rest is history.

Right now Amanda has been coming "home" more often, since she has summers off work, and we are having a blast. I have a bunch of tagged photos on Facebook of our fun nights we have been having together. You take for granted the time you have with one another, until suddenly you realize it's time to grow up. I am proposing that we are soul mates, just as Charlotte did. We can be apart, for what seems like forever, but when we meet up again the connection is always there. I love you guys.


Amanda said...

aw, that makes me cry. i love being home to spend time with you guys. we have the best memories-trips to football games, baseball games, just hanging out here in neosho or quite possibly the craziest experience, panama city spring break at age 18/19. hah! i love you girls and you my bestest friends a girl could ask for!

Kacie said...

Soul mates! What a perfect way to describe it. Reading that made me cry, I couldn't ask for two better, more amazing best friends. Through the years we have grown up, yet have still been able to grow together. You girls are amazing! I love our long chats, our crazy times and our blunt opinions... life wouldn't be the same without you two! Love you!